Annila’s log house offers comfortable and homelike accommodation. You can stay over night in a big room suitable for 2-4 people or in two double rooms for two people. One of the double rooms is allergy-friendly. In addition, as a guest you have access to a large living room where you can enjoy the rich and tasty breakfast or just hang around. There is a shower, toilet and sauna in the house. Free Wi-Fi is also available.

In summer you can stay overnight at a granary . We have two granaries, both with beds for three people. It is also possible to sleep on a straw mattress like in the old days. You can book the straw mattresses from the Koli National Park. There are mosquito nets hanging above the beds.

We have also rain shelters for bicycles and motorcycles and a place for caravans.  Also horse riders are warmly welcomed to Annila. 

In winter, there is also a warm ski maintenance room.